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Исполнитель: Clawfinger
Название песни: Out To Get Me
Альбом: A Whole Lot Of Nothing (2001)
Текст песни добавил: pretty_girl
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Clawfinger - Out To Get Me текст песни, lyrics

They're out get me,I can't escape cos' they won't let me
They won't forget me,They'll get me in their grip and sweat me
They'll wait me out,and then move in under my skin
They'll make me doubt,They're out to make me let them in 

I can't escape them, there's nowhere I can run and hide
Make one mistake and, that's when they work their way inside
They'll try and take me, they'll break me down and suck me dry
I can't' let them shape me, they'll make me up and make me cry 

They're out to get me
I wan't to leave but they won't let me out
They're out to get me
I wan't to leave but they won't let me out
They won't forget me
They'll get you in their grip and sweat me out 

They're gonna hit me, cuff me up and then bullshit me
Then they'll outwit me, dress me up and make it fit me
They'll lock the door now, Keep it shut and throw away the key
They'll turn the lights out, What no one knows, nobody sees

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