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Исполнитель: Michael Jackson
Название песни: Just Good Friends
Альбом: Bad (1987)
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Michael Jackson - Just Good Friends текст песни, lyrics

Na na na-na na na na nah!
Hoo hoo!
Dancin' - Hee!
Doggone lover!
C'mon boy!

I watched you on the floor
Cheek to cheek
She's getting to you
You didn't see - her eyes on me - no
She looked right through you
(Before you make)
Before you make
(A big mistake)
That looks can fool you babe, hee!

There's something I would sure appreciate
(If you can keep a secret)

Baby loves me
But she never shows she cares
(No, you won't see her kiss and hug me)
Baby loves me
No she acts like I'm not there
(That doesn't mean she doesn't love me - ooo)
If they ask her
Tell 'em that we're just good friends...
Dah! Chicka-chicka-chicka-ah!
Just good friends...
Ah! Chicka-chicka-ah!
Hee! Aaow!
Just good friends...

You better take advice
Never trust - first impressions
I tried to hide this affair
From their suspicions

So even if she's asking you to stay
You'd better know where you stand
(You better know where you stand)


Listen up, hee...we got a problem here
I can see the signs
I guess the lady
Is still making up her mind
(Say we're just good friends)

Baby loves me
Though she never shows she cares
(Never shows she cares)
No you won't see her kiss and hug me
(Just good friends)
(My baby loves me)

Though she acts like I'm not there
You doggone lover, hee...

Don't you wanna know? My baby loves me
Though she never shows she cares
Hee! Hee!
She doesn't kiss and hug me
(Just good friends)
My baby loves me
She love me, she love me, she love me
Hee! Hee! Hee! Hoo hoo!
(Never shows she cares...)

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