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Исполнитель: Tech N9ne
Название песни: Fan Or Foe
Альбом: Misery Loves Kompany [2007]
Текст песни добавил: -igromanka-
1788 просмотров с 2009-07-04 16:18:26
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Tech N9ne - Fan Or Foe текст песни, lyrics

Back up wait a minute

Why you looking at me like that

Do you really wanna trip or you flip in the script

Do you wanna rap with a nigga

Or bang is a whoop in a rip

I don't eva want us to come the bust and shots, nigga misery cant produce enough cops and a'

Don't know if you wallin' or what?

All you wanna do is free stopping cop

Fan or Foe I don't really know

Off at the show niggas they know

But I look light, was a good night and i was looking like a mutha fukka wanna jack all me doe

Come up to me

My kids would be chillin'

Betta think twice I'm a 5-6 villain

All they wanna talk about

I did it

When I did it

Man I thought I was gonna get a bullet in a minute

You Should be care full how you walk upon us

Got a bonus for all the opponents if they want it

I kno they wait for Tecca Ninna moments

Till' the opponent be poppin' up and hes you don't it

We don't if they be tripin' or not (NO)

Probably cuz all of them live on the block

When you rapping niggas know what you got

Toughest ever, when you up on the top

Show some respect when you approach me

Don't you be mugging me

Might have that drug in me

Plug in a nigga, for nearly shrugging me

Ain't nothing wrong with people peeping,Geeking

Where the man hoe

But the grandma so bama, stama

I don't know if you fan or foe

[Chorus Repeat 2X]

We be tripin', we can go

Peeping like hes seeking doe

Want the doe or want to go

I dont know if you fan or foe

I dont know if you fan or foe

I dont know if you fan or foe

Easy, hang and speak and brawl

I don't know if he fan or foe

Now easy how they speak

With broken teeth

That they did, young flow he can dope be choken

So yo' ass and you be walking off with it broken

Run up poor muthafukas in the open

Making them shut up

Woofing with that cold shit

Cant that shinanigans

Thinking you makes it the manikans

Thinking you silking the lotion

Back up wait a minute why you looking at me like that

I'm just a nigga with a little bit of fame but if you get the tripin' than im giving up my game

Never catch me sliping

You can get it out yo brain

Maine Fan or Foe!

Fuck a nigag try to get his hands on my doe

But if you really want come on

Try to get a, you can feed the unpulla

Tuck my hands on your throat

Man im a Low

Want a background for sack town

Better watch out from the Blao Blao

BLACK OUT, BLACK OUT, BLACK OUT, BLACK OUT (braararararaa ttataaaaa)

Stay with my kimers, stepping nockle doodle

Waicking there game on blood goca doodle

Think you gon catch me slip at a show

No factor slick Oh slack, shock a zoolu

Watch me do you

With all that fake shit

You fill with hate trade

Hoping wishing you wre my replacement

Courage so viciouse you gon' have to face it

They try to taste it

Cuz i laced it like a tennis shoes and Ive been a fool

Like Zeepo bitch and X-Raided

But this is a different interview

[Chorus Repeat 2X]

Living a bee a bad idea

If it never go home again

Nigga looking at me

Like imma chicken dinner

Looking back at niggas

Like a shot of hennessy

So i gotta carry the four

I don't really know though

Cuz they walking past me

Giving me the eye

When they past me they be asking

When you new shit coming out

At tha picture house

They be huddled up and i think i might pick one out get tha nigga bigger than me

For tha trigger to see

If he tough enough

Make it what he trying to be

But he aint bad though

Dont know how to approach a vulture

Get to close how im post up

Cant even live in peace

And when I eat with my peeps In the place

You in my face with your mix-tapes

And if i try to listen to it

We get it to it

And fo' all that fue it

Then its time to do it

Uhhhh...Cuz a nigga from out south out the mouth

Your girl be loving me giving me mouth to mouth


But it aint fair that the music gotta do on what you wanna do when you aint there.

And if too softly, softy when you see me out you betta get out off me

[Chorus Repeat 2X]

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