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Исполнитель: Oceana
Название песни: The Abortion Plan
Альбом: BirthEater (2009)
Текст песни добавил: AnGeL_VapLaty
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Oceana - The Abortion Plan текст песни, lyrics

I left my head when i was home
I caught an evil side of me.
I only breathe when I'm alone.
The days await till I am gone.
I grew right next to your heart.
I should have grabbed it,
and pulled it down.
I feel what you're feeding me.
I hear what you really speak.

Could the eater rot in time?
He's sucking out the lines,
that make you notice the world as an illusion.
Your body pushes through it.
In birth it all confuses us.
What do I di when I'm lying on a table?
My mother didn't want me. My whole life I've been starving.
9 months to grow inside you,
my life was fresh as the mind of an infant.
Where did I go?
Hell, I knew that my heart wouldn't make it.

And the due date is close.
Well heaven knew it took a part of me.
But I only speak,
I only speak when I'm hungry.
Now the lights on my face.
And I've never felt more ugly,
when the devil grabbed me by the legs,
and shook me.
I was gone you said it.
Home's where death is,
I'll just forget it

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