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Исполнитель: Busta Rhymes
Название песни: What' Up
Текст песни добавил: Dima
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Busta Rhymes - What' Up текст песни, lyrics

[scratched: "It's the new!!"] 

Yeah! Yeah, Busta Bust down, Flipmode now 
I know what y'all feel like doin 
Go 'head and crash your whip in the fuckin wall 
It's cool, niggaz.. we gets busy 

[Verse One] 
Fo' sho', spit rogue, get mo' bout to kick in the door 
Dick sore, split whores 'til they shit on the floor 
Clique more sick from when you use to see us before 
Shit, kill a nigga quick, niggaz know my rapport 
Keep workers on the strip that be ready for war 
Brick I flip a little quicker if they shit in the store 
Rip, maybe 'til they drop, and they shit in they drawers 
Shit crazy when I pop, and I'm grippin the four 
Thick bitches in the spot, watch 'em strip for the sport 
Spit vicious for the block, yeah we swingin a torch 
Stick niggaz for they shit, thank 'em for they support 
Quick nigga, better quit snitchin down at the court 
Check track a little slick and try to go on my Forbes 
Cause we stackin like we rich, and we holdin the fort 
This time, we had to bring it, guess what we brought 
The hottest shit to bang from L.A. to the streets of New York 

All my people, get drunk, get high - WHATTUP? 
Get money, get rich, get fly - WHATTUP? 
Get stupid, get busy, get live - WHATTUP? 
Jump all in your whip, turn the key and drive - WHATTUP? 
Make a mill' yeah we gon' make about five - WHATTUP? 
We speak the truth and we ain't talkin no jive - WHATTUP? 
I'm speakin to the streets and everybody's widdit - WHATTUP? 
Once again you know we only come to get it - WHATTUP? 

[Verse Two] 
AOWWWWWWW!! Ha, I stay wicked now I'm back on the strip 
Like I went on a vacation and I'm back from my trip 
Nuff radio rotation like I'm sailin a ship 
Or when the team circle the block, busy trailin my clique 
Truck packed fulla niggaz with the strap and the whip 
Get the gat out of the stash, put it back on my hip 
Gat butt you in the face, split and fatten your lip 
Blood hit the floor louder than the clap when it drip 
I credit your name with bullets, read the back of the script 
My victim's initials engraved on the back of the clip 
Chicks love the way we roll, how the movement is thick 
So official like my name's on the back of your bitch 
Pay triple for the name on the back of the stitch 
Name like the whole city now I'm changin the pitch 
Kick back kinda crazy when I'm holdin the fifth 
Think you nicer than the God, shit is only a myth 
Grab ahold of the masses, I was born with a gift 
Niggaz be runnin they trap, throw 'em over the cliff 
Thinkin and drinkin the Guinness, busy holdin the spliff 
Flippin and shittin on niggaz 'til we old and we stiff 
I don't even drive whips, throw the shit on the lift 
12 hours, one worker do the whole of the shift 
I do the thing to make you open your mouth 
And give you shit to bang the Midwest and the rest of the South 


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