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Исполнитель: Busta Rhymes
Название песни: You Ain't Fuckin' With Me
Текст песни добавил: Dima
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Busta Rhymes - You Ain't Fuckin' With Me текст песни, lyrics

Yea.. aiyyo Uncle Pat, turn up the beat just a lil' more for me bruh
Yea.. [imitating the beat]
This sound like Frankenstein's baby, yea

[Verse One]
Busta Rhymes! You know we live and in color (color)
Shit butter hot, but just a little mo' gutter (gutter)
Smash shit regularly, word to my mother
Show love for the bitches and put it down for my brudda (brudda)
Hot butter funk make it rain, close the shutter - violate
Catch it from one of my bitches, boxcutter (cutter)
Ahh, articulate! Feels so great
that I can bless my niggaz with shit they appreciate ('ciate)
No jive y'all niggaz can take a nosedive
Shit so live bitches wanna give me a high five (five)
UNGHHH! Fuck it, it is a must we hold grands
Get with the program and fuck bitches who love to hold (hands)
Foul shit, way out of order
Fuck shit up leave bitches hot and sweaty drippin buckets of water (water)
Disorderly conduct, will erupt
When the live shit come on niggaz do what they wanna (wanna)
Aight bitches, now show yo' asses

The shit we droppin be sure to get y'all movin (get the fuck up)
We keep it poppin, feel how gangsta the loop is (we keep it boppin)
(we keep it gangsta muh'fucka)
And it ain't no stoppin the way that we gon' do this
Now what you want me to say? Say you ain't fuckin with me-ahhhhhhh
(what the fuck, c'mon)

[Verse Two]
Huh, you see I got so much new hot shit stored
Got you givin me an award, floored a couple on the come up
Stretched a few, put 'em flat on they back
And laid 'em stiffer than a board, the way I make my niggaz applaud
My price tag, just to show up the shit
Might be somethin you can't afford
Make you say the Lord is my shepherd, how...

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