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Исполнитель: Pitbull
Название песни: Come See Me
Альбом: El Mariel (2006)
Текст песни добавил: Dima
1697 просмотров с 2009-07-13 20:52:18
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Pitbull - Come See Me текст песни, lyrics

Que hola! 
Esto para la gente que rapiando(?) y no sabe lo que estan hablando 
They dont call me Mr. 3-0-5 for nothing. 
I earned that shit! 
Whoooo ow! 

I dont mess with the smack 
I dont mess with the blow 
I dont mess with the crack 
Not me, no mo' 
Wanna[?] holla at a latin broad (Come see me!) 
And if you try'na get that money, buddy (Come see me!) 

[Verse 1:]
Ya'll can play, thugs and gangstas while I 
get this money with these lords and bankers 
I was, watching Scarface dreaming of becoming Tony, 
Schemin, Triple beamin, double teamin bitches with my homies 
I got no blame(?) its just some bitches understand my story 
And anger problems, my brother usually wont hear before me 
Rap had me, wanting to be a dope boy 
Now I rap, I stay away from that dope, boy 
It's destiny, I was breast fed that coke boy 
and when you seem them chicos better call them folks boy 
I'm putting ya'll on the game 
I'm hearing raps about coke and crack (crack?) 
to be honest they all sound the same 
Pit is off the chain (chain?) 
Yea, That's set in stone (stone?) 
So leave him alone (lone?) 
Boy, leave him alone 
Pit's reporting live (live!) 
from D-A-D-E 
Gotta problem buddy? 
Come see me! 

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2:]
Fuck whos the baddest a person's status depends on salary 
This for them Cuban's losing life over Fidel's mentality 
Treat a hater like golf and put a hole in one 
I dont carry guns but my dawg's holdin' one 
Ya'll boys flip bricks, These boys flip tons 
One time Fat Joe, Rest In Peace Big Pun 
This how I do it do it 
Spit English and Spanish fluent 
Then if you dont know I suggest 
You pay close attention to it 
Pit's here now 
This how it's going down 
Kilos and pounds 
Goin town to town 
Fortunately thats not my life no mo' 
If its gotta do with dope 
For me its a no go 
Pit's one of a kind 
Pit's ahead of his time 
I'm nowhere near my prime 
I'm always on the grind 
I'm reporting live 
From D-A-D-E 
Gotta problem buddy? 
Come see me! 

[Hook x2]

Come see me! [x4]

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