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Исполнитель: Epica
Название песни: The Last Crusade "A New Age Dawns" # 1
Альбом: Consign To Oblivion (2005)
Текст песни добавил: pretty_girl
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Epica - The Last Crusade "A New Age Dawns" # 1 текст песни, lyrics

Magna culpa nostra
Poena danda nobis erit
Usque ad finem dierum 

Ad finem temporum 

You can't force yourself upon me
And you never will
You can't keep digging in
Desecrated graves 

No more innocence left to spill 

Don't be afraid, participate and
Just give us all your trust
Your soul will be saved
Just honour me, I'll set you free so
Get ready to join the
Very last crusade 

You can't get away with your crimes
And you never will
For you'll have to pay the price
And this time is near 

No more innocent left to kill 

Get ready to taste the
Final victory

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