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Исполнитель: After Forever
Название песни: Sins Of Idealism
Альбом: Invisible Circles (2004)
Текст песни добавил: pretty_girl
1301 просмотров с 2009-07-17 08:52:06
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After Forever - Sins Of Idealism текст песни, lyrics

Hello Father, hello mother
There is so much I don't get
Please don't be mad at me; I will try harder.
I'll really try the best I can
That's not enough
You're the cause of my domestic captivity 

And I will close my eyes and fantasize
of a world that's not so cold
That's how it will be
Suffer the causes of my personal misery
I've sacrificed my beauty
my freedom, my dreams
the independent me 

Hello Father, hello mother
don't blame me
for things I didn't do
Yes I will go now and I'll be silent;
please stop screaming, and love me.
That's all you can see
Speak of love while you've ruined
what's meant to be 

And then I'll close my eyes
to fantasize of a world
Where I can be free
And free to be. 

Sinner or righteous,
the line is so thin
can you condemn it
Can you be the one to judge it all
Or accuse yourself if the sentence is your life 

Hello Father, hello mother;
forgive me for standing in your way
I just wanted somebody who'd hold me and listen,
are these illusions are they.
Only fantasies?
Imagine how my life could have been
I would still have my beauty, my freedom, my dreams,
The independent me 

Our Course in life is a path we must take alone
No one can choose what to do.
only you, so the sins we commit are the struggles within
There is no judge to decide what is right, what is wrong 

Tell me, can you live in freedom
knowing that your choice hurt someone 

Once we had a life and now we have you
The saviour of love is a catastrophe
I'll leave you both if I must give up my dreams
My chances aren't here with you
I won't be chained because of this 

The sins of all, the sinner in me
I follow my dreams, you call it blasphemy
If my ideals are sins
Yo me they are the strength within
Then I shall stay a sinner 

Sinner or righteous, the line is so thin
Can you condemn it
Can you be the one to judge it all
Or accuse yourself if the sentence is your life

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