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Исполнитель: Darin
Название песни: Saturday night
Текст песни добавил: mashenka
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Darin - Saturday night текст песни, lyrics

Hey girl, even though it hasn’t been that easy lately 
you need to go on you’re dying for some air, oh baby 
what's the reason being low tonight
Come on ’n let me start you up that's right 
Shape up, do your hair the way I like ’n let’s go crazy

Cause, it’s Saturday night oh yeah
It's gonna be alright I swear
Put them hot jeans on
I'll show you how to have fun
It's Saturday night oh yeah
( hey hey hey hey)

Let go, come along don't wanna hear a no or a maybe 
I know what you need I’m gonna give it to you baby 
There’s something special that I have for you
Somehow I know you feel the same way too, yeah
That look in your eyes, no doubt about it, let’s go crazy


Girl, we both know,
tonight it's going down
So put them hot jeans on

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