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Исполнитель: Jamelia
Название песни: One Day
Текст песни добавил: Dima
1156 просмотров с 2009-07-28 22:36:47
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Jamelia - One Day текст песни, lyrics

now baby just take the time
to listen to me yeah
i'm tired of you talking
'bout how you're gonna do your best
to try and make it up to me now if you cna't see
that i love you then you ain't looking my way
if you don't know that i need you
oh aby just take the time 
to listen to me yeah

one day you're gonna call my name 
and i wont come running
maybe then you realise that i
don't think you're worth my love
you're gonna lose
one day you're gonna call my name 
and i won't come running
so don't act like you're surprised
no more lies in all the tears i cried
you schoulda seen it coming

I konw we ain't lost the loving 
that we once had i know its there somewhere
but what can i do when you
acting like you just don't care
(i still believe) you're the one for me
and nobody else (you can't deny)
you feel the same way oh baby just take the time
to listento me yeah cas one day

chorus : bridge
tell me you'll make that change
show me your love still stands
it remains for me
you've had time enough
to show me all these things
don't you dare think that i
won't leave you with no-one
by your side
had a fool , long enough
but she's gone and gotten tough
and she won't come running

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