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Исполнитель: Arsenium
Название песни: Smile to me
Текст песни добавил: mashenka
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Arsenium - Smile to me текст песни, lyrics

I will dedicate all the words of 
my song to the girls who need love... 
to the girls who feel alone. 

I'll bring you to the moon and stars, 
Take you to the planet Mars,
Baby, give me one more smile, 
press the button, i will fly.

Do you feel my heart is beating? 
If you touch me you may feel it 
Can you hear my words are freezing? 
Baby, give me your smile 
Give me, give me honey kisses 
And I'll give you sugar whispers 
Dry your eyes and let me sqeeze you 
Take my endless love 

Smile to me one more time...
Smile to me, smile to me and 
I'll bring you to the moon and stars 
take you to the planet 
Mars there we'll be happy 
Smile to me one more time 
Promice me you'll never cry 
If you cry I'm gonna die 
With you tears in my eyes x2 

Baby tell me what you feel 
Do you feel my love is real? 
Cause I feel I'm gonna die 
Cannot live without your smile 
You're my love I ??? 
my heart won't ever recover 
I could sacrifice my life just 
For you i'm gonna smile 
Baby give me just one thing 
And I'll give you everything 
My love, my heart, my soul 
wishes, my dreams, take my ??? 
Baby, honey, don't you cry 
Dry your eyes and start to smile 
Baby only if you gonna try 
press the button I will fly 

I wiil move the Earth and 
Heaven only to get to your heart 
Nobody can never stop me 
Can not live without your smile 
When you smile I feel so happy 
Makes me fly away so high 
We can breathe one love together 
Give it to me one more time

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