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Исполнитель: Ayreon
Название песни: Day Six: Childhood
Альбом: The Human Equation
Текст песни добавил: Strider
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Ayreon - Day Six: Childhood текст песни, lyrics

You’re alone in your bedroom
Hiding from the world, staring at the ceiling 

Mother said ‘he’ll be home soon’
But he never was, and I knew how she was feeling

You always let him down; ‘you’d never be like him’
He’d always break you, never let you win
No matter what you said, he’d always disagree
You swore that one day you would be
…better than him…one day you’d win

You’re hiding out in the cellar
Aching and ashamed, covering up the bruises

And then he would tell her
How I tripped and hurt my head, how I’d always be a loser 


You’re all alone in your bedroom
How could you learn to care, when nobody cares for you

Mother said he’d be home soon
But he never came, as for me…he didn’t have to…

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