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Исполнитель: Ayreon
Название песни: Day Eight: School
Альбом: The Human Equation
Текст песни добавил: Strider
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Ayreon - Day Eight: School текст песни, lyrics

It’s time to leave your sheltered cage
Face your deepest fears
The world is against you
You’re fighting back the tears 

All the kids were watching me
I felt very small
I could hear the laughter
As I stumbled down the hall

(human) Seeking to find, deep in the trauma as it leaves you behind
(human) Bleeding it gone into the profit of the competition
(human) Loving today, all of the feelings are they going away
(human) Ending it now, I’d rather hear about the where and the how

The bigger boys they beat you up
Out here you cannot hide
No friends to help you
No father at your side

I swore that I’d get back at them
But I was just a kid
One day I’d show them
I wouldn’t rest until I did

CHORUS 1: Rage

Pride: You gotta prove you’re not like the rest
Reason: There’s no need if you know you’re the best
Pride: That’s not enough, let the other kids know
Reason: What’s the use, go with the flow

[Chorus 2] Pride: Be a man, give in to hate
Reason: You better learn to communicate
Pride: Better to learn to protect yourself
Reason: That’s not the way to get out of this hell 
Pride: See that kid, wipe the smile off his face
Reason: He’s just like you, feeling out of place 
Pride: I don’t care, let’s show him who’s boss
Reason: That’s not the way to get your message across


Don’t rack your brains , let it all go
Savour the moment and feel your blood flow

Then I got back at them
Still acting like a kid
Then I showed them
But when I had, I could not quit…

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