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Исполнитель: Ayreon
Название песни: Day Eleven: Love
Альбом: The Human Equation
Текст песни добавил: Strider
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Ayreon - Day Eleven: Love текст песни, lyrics

Friday night, I had a few
There she was, out of the blue
Thunderstruck, nailed to the floor
I couldn’t move, couldn’t talk…anymore 

Of all these guys it’s you she desires
Secretly her heart is on fire
Waiting for you to ask her to dance
Go ahead, make your move…now’s your chance

[CHORUS] Passion: 
Do it right, do it right, we ain’t got all night 
Do it now, do it now, I think you know how

Let it out, let it out, now don’t mess about 
Let her in, let her in, let the party begin!

There I was, nervous and shy
Struck with awe as I caught her eye
I mustered up courage and walked her way
Figuring out what to do…what to say

Her heart sings as she sees you come near
The music fades, the crowd disappears
She weeps in silence as you pass her by
And she’s wondering why…oh why`

CHORUS: Passion and Pride

Remember your father, well you’re just like him
Nothing but violence and fury within
Remember your mother, so lonely and sad
This will be her fate if you treat her as bad

You’re afraid she might turn you down
All your hopes, dashed to the ground
Nobody loved you, nobody will
Why should you even try…but still…

Me: Friday night, I had a few
Wife: There was no need to talk
There she was, out of the blue
Wife: We just started to walk
Hand in hand, we took the floor
Wife: And we danced, and we danced, and we danced
I could move, I could talk…even more… 

CHORUS: Passion and Pride


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