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Исполнитель: V-factory
Название песни: Round and Round
Альбом: These Are The Days EP (2008)
Текст песни добавил: IYO-Yo
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V-factory - Round and Round текст песни, lyrics

I can’t believe it
Here we go again
You’re in your corner
But you wanna do me in
And then that bell rings
To let the games begin
You playing dirty and it’s just so hard to win

You got my number but you don’t call me back
You got my tongue so tied I can’t tell where I’’m at
Girl what you doing
Don’t find it amusing
Stop messing with my head
With you it never ends

We can go round and round and round
Baby we can go round and round and round
but damn you tear my heart apart, yeah
We can go round and round and round
but u always end up taking the crown
Cause girl your love it knocks me out

Movin’ in circles
While I protect myself
You’re throwing punches
And you always aim to hit
Why can’t we get along
Is that too much to ask
There was a time when
You and me were good like that


Chorus x2

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