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Исполнитель: The Rasmus
Название песни: First Day Of My Life
Альбом: Dead Letters (2003)
Текст песни добавил: Will
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The Rasmus - First Day Of My Life текст песни, lyrics

Feel like I`m stoned
wanna be alone 
just for a while
Weeks on the road
a long way from home
just shut off the phone
And you say, I`ll heel you
I`ll always be yours
And you say? I`ll kill you 
if I do something wrong
Yeah, yeah...
Still feels like the first time
to stand here by your side
together regardless
we`ll walk threw the darkness
Still feels like the first day of my life
remember the times
together we swore 
never give up this life
still handing on,
still going strong
here I belong
and maybe I`m crazy, 
but I just can`t slow down
and maybe I`m crazy
but at list I steel around
Yeah, yeah...

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