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Исполнитель: Mushroomhead
Название песни: These Filthy Hands
Альбом: Super Buick
Текст песни добавил: Feuer
1058 просмотров с 2009-08-29 20:58:25
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Mushroomhead - These Filthy Hands текст песни, lyrics

Haphazardly, Tumbling Hard 
Fall Right Down, 
Laugh Out Loud 
All In The Scheme Of Things, 
We're All Looking Up Growing Tall 
It's Like Pulling One Hair 
You Are What You Are To Me 
With Wet Fingers 
In My Eyes You're A Star 
Petroleum Jelly 
You're Something I'll Never Be 
And Watch The Rain Dance 
You're Something, I'm Frightened Of 
I've Got To Get Clean 
The Rain Will Cleanse Me 
And I've Got To Wash These Filthy Hands 
Because It's All Just A Futile Plan 
That'd Mean I'd Have To 
Believe Again 
It's Like A Career To Breathe 
An Existence I Can't Conceive 
Emotionless As In Slug 
In My Imagined Oblivion 
It's As Much Fun 
As Poking At A Nerve 
You Would Swear, 
That I Could, 
Walk And Talk 
No One Wants To Fail 
But No One Wants To Work 
But I Doubt You Will Ever 
Vocabulary Test Is Graded On A Curve 
Ever Prove Enough 
Smartest Kid Is Stupid 
Word Is Never Heard 
I Doubt You'll Ever Prove It! 
I've Got To Get Clean 
The Rain Will Cleanse Me 
And I've Got to Wash These Filthy Hands 
All These Thoughts And Feelings 
Are For Naught Unappealing 
So You Expect Them 
To Dull And Fade 
Still They Remain 
Caught Waiting For The Rain 
Time Devours Life 
With My Soul As The Defendant 
Don't Catch Me If I Fall 
I May Have Jumped 
You Never Know 
You Don't Know Me At All

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