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Исполнитель: Mushroomhead
Название песни: Before I Die
Альбом: M3
Текст песни добавил: Feuer
1287 просмотров с 2009-08-29 21:03:51
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Mushroomhead - Before I Die текст песни, lyrics

Set Me Free 
Let Me Be 
Who And What I Am 
Why Can't You See? 
You Never Seem To Understand 
This Pain I Feel Is As Real 
As Your Ignorance 
Question Fate 
As I Await Deliverance 
Like A Fantastic Fork 
In Bloody Meat 
Don't Give Me Love 
I Wanna Drowned In Your Deep Divide 
Tumbleweed Sew The Seed 
In This Ghost Town 
You Never Know 
What You'll See 
When The Sun Goes Down 
I Saw Her Last 
In A Dream 
She Seems To Astound 
Heard Of Her First Third Verse 
(216) Hands Bound 
Taken From Me 
In My Mind Empty 
Without It Inside 
Starving I Am 
The Deprived 
Just Want It Once...desires 
Strong Resistance Is Weak 
It's Hard To Win 
When You've Got So Many Mouths To Feed 
I Could Die 
For All Of My Sins 
No Not For That 
For All That I Have Never Had 
This Life's A Fight 
For Fulfillment Inside 
A War Of My Own Hindsight 
Look Back With Resentment 
Taken As I Find Myself 
All Alone 
Taken From Me

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