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Исполнитель: Mushroomhead
Название песни: The New Cult King
Альбом: M3
Текст песни добавил: Feuer
1166 просмотров с 2009-08-29 21:06:24
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Mushroomhead - The New Cult King текст песни, lyrics

In That Dream I Recall 
Pieces Of Prisons 
I'm Escaping 
In The Next Big Religion 
I Do The Cross Thing 
The Cross Thing 
Which Ever Way The Wind Blows 
Your Mind In Time I'm Nine 
Our Lives Unwind 
We Find The Wine Red Or White 
Like The Days Fade Away 
A Cloud Of Smoke Blurred Eyes 
You're Always Brighter In The Daytime 
You Fight It After Midnight 
It Just Seems To Me 
It's Such A Joke Every 
New Walk Thru Life 
Just Inherits Christ 
You Should Have To Prove Something First 
Something First 
Prove Something 
You're A Godfiend 
In That Dream I Recall 
Pieces Of Prisons 
I'm Escaping 
From A Black Hole I Crawl, I Crawl 
Beneath My Halo Emanating T
The Only Proof You Need
Is That You Know 
And Today's Way's Divine 
Right Brainwashed Overnight 
You Shouldn't Have To Lose 
Something First 
Something First 
Lose Something 
You're A Godfiend 
The New Cult King 
Yeah Doing The Cross Thing 
The Cross Thing 
Can't You See 
Why I'm Still...can't You See 
Why I'm Still Wondering 
If There Is A Dog 
Can't You See Wondering 
Can't You See Why 
I'm Still Wondering 
Search For Signs 
To Light The Path 
Show Me The Way 
Savior Send 
A Glimpse To Glance 
And Renew My Faith 
Emerald Meets The Oceans 
Blue In A Shade Of Grey 
The General Knows 
Not What To Do 
As Tears Run Down Her Face 
Nails Through Hands And Feet 
On This Cedar Grave 
Atone For Sin 
Can This Be 
Can My Soul Be Saved 
All Alone 
I Think Too Much 
Need To Believe 
In Something Real 
Don't Need This Crutch 
Because It Just Deceives 
Can't You See...why I'm Still 
Search For Love 
Or War To Restore Disorder 
Challenge Me 
Once More To Hold 
My Head Above Water 
Drowning Quick 
Flooding In Soaked 
Through My Lungs 
Judgment Day 
The Verdicts In It 
Seems The Jury Is Hung

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