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Исполнитель: Die Krupps
Название песни: Jeckyll Or Hyde
Альбом: Odyssey Of The Mind
Текст песни добавил: Feuer
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Die Krupps - Jeckyll Or Hyde текст песни, lyrics

Fear myself - and nobody else
Born of innocense - you and me
the struggle to know - who to be
society's forcing you to be rotten
all morals have been forgotten
Find myself - in all this mess
free myself - from all this mess
You're fighting to stay on the good side
there's no one to show you what's good or right
when desperation strikes with all its might
you turn from good Jeckyll to evil Hyde

Society's forcing you to be bad
it is the truth it is so sad
it makes the worst come out
I see where it's leading to and I shout
The world says hate - yet I still care

Jeckyll or Hyde - which will I be
society throws the dice - will I be a prisoner or will I be free
Jeckyll or Hyde - which will be my fate
society throws the dice - will I love or will I hate
Jeckyll or Hyde - which will I choose
society throws the dice - will I win or will I lose.

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