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Исполнитель: David Vendetta
Название песни: Alicante
Альбом: Rendez-Vous (2007)
Текст песни добавил: Darya
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David Vendetta - Alicante текст песни, lyrics

We meet for a moment and then it's goodBye
but i just lived a lifetime with you in my mind

what would it be to live in your world
if you were my boy and i was your girl

it's crazy this spell you have me under
i know it can't be but i'll always wonder

what would my life be living in your arms
i feel i'll never know
and what would you say
if i were to stay
and just go your way

this is where you lose your mind
and just let your heart unwind
you're blind don't lose control
you're mine don't lose it all

could you fill in the blanks in my story
tell me what i'm missing what you could be for me
what would i find if i followed your path
all the things i long for that ive never had

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