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Исполнитель: Skinny Puppy
Название песни: Hexonxonx
Альбом: Rabies
Текст песни добавил: Feuer
898 просмотров с 2009-08-30 01:56:08
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Skinny Puppy - Hexonxonx текст песни, lyrics

Miles cable claws driller killer ripping holes tattered cloth stained
Regaining the weather acid rains so sweet sweat streaks downpour on
Humidity colder time talking hints watching tests the heat mangled meat
Retaliate no blaming in future dreams could you have stopped it from
Happening best left spectator spectacle time spaced fast paced farther
Down all that trigger guaging cause kills at will melted prophets book
Burning how undone written slurs the meaning the past they will repeat
Hard to hit so unbeat melting prophets the past melting undone misted
Fable role altogether mutating chains rattle happy to perform either war
Or famine no where arid food growing warming trends a place passive cows
To feed the weak product waste give back nothing orders come in make a
Million living things suffer hidden glad garbage body bag what of that
Change that could save everything that paper shredder patent tender puts
Us back in time again budgets that burst with oil crude gas in purse no
Compassion common criminals seek asylum concrete pillow exxon dreams
Hidden hiarchy no one in power taking blame

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