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Исполнитель: Josh Groban
Название песни: Alejate
Текст песни добавил: New7Day
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Josh Groban - Alejate текст песни, lyrics

I never felt so much love in my soul

And no one loved me more than you did

Because of you I laughed and cried

I was reborn also

All I had, I gave to keep you here

I know that saying goodbye is best

Suffering, I will pay for my mistake

And nothing will be the same

I have to accept it

And find the strength in me for this goodbye

Just walk away

I cannot bear it anymore

Theres no way to go back in time

Forget it and let me go on alone with my solitude

Go away, tell me goodbye

I will resign myself to go on without your warmth

And I will never understand what happened

If theres nothing I can do

Just walk away

Im not going to repent for yesterday

Loving you and I know, woman

For that love

For always being faithful

Today I have to be strong and learn

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