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Исполнитель: L'ame Immortelle
Название песни: Dead Actor's Requiem
Альбом: Dann Habe ich Umsonst Gelebt
Текст песни добавил: Feuer
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L'ame Immortelle - Dead Actor's Requiem текст песни, lyrics

It's time to leave the stage 
In this theatre of pain 
To let go of all the rage 
When all scenes have been played 
The final act concluded 
The curtain falls for one last time 
And outside the crowed still cheers 
There'll be no encore this time 
Weep away all your tears my friend 
We will meet again someday 
But this time, there'll be an end 
To this play I called my life 
Leaving the stage, smash the mask 
An actor dead, a human being 
On the ground, a final gasp 
The doors are opened wide 
The air perforated by the rain 
Outsied is conquered silently 
By a soul who's free of pain 
The actor left the stage

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