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Исполнитель: Mariah Carey
Название песни: Petals
Альбом: Rainbow
Текст песни добавил: Feuer
1041 просмотров с 2009-09-03 19:22:29
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Mariah Carey - Petals текст песни, lyrics

I've often wondered if there's 
Ever been a perfect family 
I've always longed for undividedness 
And sought stability 

A flower taught me how to pray 
But as I grew, that flower changed 
She started flailing in the wind 
Like golden petals scattering 

And I miss you dandelion 
And even love you 
And I wish there was a way 
For me to trust you 
But it hurts me every time 
I try to touch you 

But I miss you dandelion 
And even love you 

I gravitated towards a patriarch 
So young predictably 
I was resigned to spend my life 
With a maze of misery 

A boy and a girl befriended me 
We're bonded through despondency 
I stayed so long but finally 
I fled to save my sanity 

And I miss you little sis and 
Little brother 
And I hope you realize 
l'll always love you 
And although you're struggling 
You will recover 
And I miss you little sis and 
Little brother 

So many I considered 
Closest to me 
Turned on a dime and sold me 
Out dutifully 
Although that knife was chipping 
Away at me 
They turned their eyes away and 
Went home to sleep ... 

And I missed a lot of life 
But l'II recover 
Though I know you really like 
To see me suffer 
Still I wish that you and I'd 
Forgive each other 
'Cause I miss you, Valentine 
And really loved you 

I really loved you - 
I tried so hard 
But you drove me away 
To preserve my sanity - 

And I lound the strength to break away 

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