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Исполнитель: Christina Aguilera
Название песни: Somebody's Somebody
Альбом: Christina Aguilera
Текст песни добавил: Feuer
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Christina Aguilera - Somebody's Somebody текст песни, lyrics

Watchin lovers walkin' 
Hand in hand they pass me by 
Wish I was one of them 
Wish I had somebody 
Wakin' up beside me 
Looking into my eyes at night 
I want a love to call my own 
I want someone that I can hold 
Want someone wanting me 
Wanna feel how it feels to be 

Somebody's somebody 
Somebody's someone 
Some sweet lover's lover 
I wanna be that one 
Someone faithful to someone faithful 
Someone kind to someone kind to me 
Somebody to somebody who loves me 
Who loves me 

Spending all of my time 
Spending all my time on me 
Where is that someone who 
I can give my time to 
Searching for that lover 
With the love that will change my life 
I want two arms to hold me close 
I want the thing I need most 
Somebody needing me 
So I can feel how it feels to be 


What I'm looking for 
Is someone to love me more 
Than I've been loved before 
With love so right 
What I need to find 
Is someone to hold me tight 
What I mean is i want to be 


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