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Исполнитель: Jennifer Lopez
Название песни: Should've Never
Альбом: On The 6
Текст песни добавил: Feuer
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Jennifer Lopez - Should've Never текст песни, lyrics

I've been so
Caught up in the though of me and you
Even though I love
Someone else I know my heart belongs to you
Tell me how did we
Ever let the situation get this far
Maybe we should just
Try to hide things we feel inside
Things I know we can't deny

Should've never told you
That I cared about you
Didn't think it would be, so bad
Should've never kissed you
Should've never held your hand
Got to find a way to let these feelings go

What did I
Do the day I let you slip into my soul
It was then when I
Realized that I would always want you in my life
No one else can know
Of the things we've been saying on the telephone
It would be so bad
If they ever knew that me and you
Were secretly into each other


I'm so scared, trembling inside
'Cause I'm feeling like somebody else already knows
Oh my God, I love you both so much
And to have to choose, between the two
Is hurting me so deep inside


Should've never told you that I cared about you
Never thought it would be so bad, hum
Should've never kissed you
Should've never held your hand
I don't ever want to feel this way again

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