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Исполнитель: Jackson C. Frank
Название песни: The Visit
Текст песни добавил: Dashik_yes
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Jackson C. Frank - The Visit текст песни, lyrics

when I said you were beautiful I said it there and then

I laid aside all resistance, for goy to say amen

and when you raised your hands to me, a glow there in i I saw

a baby of the morning, a sweep in natures law

it begins to seem like summer’s almost gone

like the wind that blows the leaves out on the lawn

I determined that I loved you, you determined I am he

determined both together, we meet our company

and the feathers of the wild floating to the ground

gliding through the branches, spinning slowly round

as we wait in the mountains for the sun

that revives what’s been between us all along

in Cons there was absurdity, in Niece there was the shore

in Monaco there were casinos, in Asia there was war

and the pipers were American

the peaches was fresh with cream

the people with vibrations, just wild robots by some stream

and now we grasp imaginary straws

and the shuffle through the see with bright new claws

if what we know can save us then it’s time to make the try

every time they try to make us servant’s of some lie

children born of bodies involved with patterned scheme

it’s a funny, funny world you live in

till you learn that it’s a dream

see serpents on a rocket made of clay

explaining how we where yesterday

still i said that you were beautiful

the childhood of that beauty which belongs to you and me

and I realize that summer never gone

like the wind

out on the lawn

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