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Исполнитель: Foxx
Название песни: Wipe Me Down
Текст песни добавил: Dashik_yes
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Foxx - Wipe Me Down текст песни, lyrics

Hey You Know I Walk In The Fuckin Club Like Im So Motha Fuckin Hung But Thats How I Feel Kna Ya Hurd Me Im Clean Im Fresh Im Feelin Refreshed Im Feelin Good Good Nigga Cuase Im In Baton Rouge Doin Ma Fuckin Thing Nigga Im Out Here Makin Fatties Nigga Nah Go On Brush Ma Fuckin Shoulders Off 

Cause Im On Cause Im On Casue Im On Wipe Me Down Cause Im On 

Shoulda Chest Pants Shoes [x4] 

I Pull Up At The Club Vip Gas Tank On E But All Dranks On Me 

Fresh Kicks Fresh White Tall Tee 

Fresh Nfl Hat Fresh Foes With The Keyes 

Pussy Nigga Wanna Hit Me With The Heat 

Real Reconize Real Real Niggas Gone Speak 

Jiggalatin I Been Rollin Bout A Week 

You Can Tell I Got Cake By The Diamonds In Ma Teeth 

Black Shades So You Know A Nigga Rollin 

They Aint Checked Me At The Door So Aint No Tellin What Im Holdin 

Bad Bitches They Gone Bust It Wide Open 

Nigga Flashin In The Benz But Im The Nigga They Approachin 

Small Nigga Tall Figures Yall Niggas Crawl Niggas You Gone Get Mac Elevned And Fall Niggas 

Yall Niggas Call Niggas But Ma Nigga All Killas Get Ya Issa And Whoever Fall Niggas 

(Wipe Me Down) (Cause Im On Cause Im On ) 

Shoulda Chest Pants Shoes [x4] 

Im On The Dance Floor Showin My Ass I Done Bought The Damn Bar So Put Some More In My Glass 

Say Lil Mamma Dont You Go In My Pants Till We Hit The Days Inn Then Let A Nigga Smash 

Niggas Beefin Tryin Ta Figure Who I Am Hoes Lookin All Up In A Nigga Face Like Daamn 

Hoes Carry Cause Ma Fit Cost Fifty Fifties And Ma Tags Is Ma Witness And Im Ridin On Kittens 

And Im Out Hea Fifty One Fifty I Got Somethin Holds Fifty Thatll Hit You From A Distance 

I See A Bad Bitch Walkin All Prissy So I Asked Her What She Had And She Replied To Me Pixie 

Say Lil Momma Where You Goin Is You Hoein Cause Im Knowin You Was Born To Do Porn With A Savage 

I Aint Tryin Chat Witcha Tryin Ta Get That Cat Witcha Girl Gimma That Pussy Lemme Have It 

(Wipe Me Down) (Cause Im On Cause Im On ) 

Shoulda Chest Pants Shoes [x4] 

Im Pullin Out Everybody All Eyes Cause Ma 12's Finna Bust And Ma Rims On Shine 

Ask Tyson If You Think A Nigga Lyin I Done Bought A Whole Lotta Shit Since I Got Signed 

Big Money Big Car Big Tiyas With The Window Rolled Down Gold Grill Big Smile 

Niggas Hangin Out The Window Like A Child You A Bia [?] If You Label Was On Fiya 

Anything Below A Dime You Can Have It Ima A Major Ass Nigga Gotta Be Above Standards 

Go On Wipe A Nigga Down Watch How Many Hatas Frown But I Love It When They Hate Me Holla At Me 

Skinny Nigga Plenty Figures I Dont Fuck With Many Niggas But The Niggas I Fuck Wit Beastes 

Now You Could Try Me Cause Im Clean Thinkin I Wont Throw Them Things But Lil Daddy You Will Get Beat To Peices 

Shoulda Chest Pants Shoes [x8] 

Im On (Wipe Me Down) (Cause Im On Cause Im On ) 

Shoulda Chest Pants Shoes [x4]

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