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Исполнитель: Queen Pen
Название песни: Baby Daddy
Текст песни добавил: Dashik_yes
1191 просмотров с 2009-09-09 15:58:42
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Queen Pen - Baby Daddy текст песни, lyrics

[Chorus: x3]

I shouldn't loved him

I shouldn't wanted him

I shouldn't trust him

No I shouldn't fucked him

Now here I am carryin his seed

That makes two for him and a fourth for me

[Verse 1]

Sometimes I'm wreckin my brain, tryna to figure out

How we can come to this, how we even came about

We never took the time to measure the proper amounts

Or beef we would cause of sneakin around

If my brother even knew shit he'd proably flip out

And up until tonight we never had doubts

Remeber the first time that you slept over my house?

We made love to Donnell Jones, damn we so foul

But now its been a year from that day today

We still meet in the cut I can't live this way

Can't be no more us, fuck you feelin lame

What about me feelin loved, is sex all that its worth?

When it comes to us, I know that you love me

Its deeper then a nut, I know that you care for me

Its deeper then a nut

[Chorus: x3]

[Verse 2]

You keep blamin it on him clamin him as a friend

Talkin about you and that nigga is tight like brothers

Fuck him, and I can put that on my life

So what he my baby daddy he don't do his child right

Tryna to explain I got tears in my eyes

This lump in my throat tryna hold back my cries

You talkin about me and ya booze ain't wise

Me and you has a cup Queen it just ain't right

You said it could never be yo niggas B.D. a wife

Tell me how would it look to the rest of my crew

You fuckin wit me Queen thats just bad news

I'm breakin rules but we just can't stop

I said we in too deep I'm not killin ya seed

I say we in too deep nigga I'm keepin my seed

[Chorus: x3]

[Verse 3]

It really broke my heart to see you pushin that whip

When you couldn't even cop a new coat for yo kid

It really broke my heart when you cocked backed on me

When I was six months pregnant still beatin on me

It really fucked me up how you put me in debt

Fuckin up QPs dollars and sense

To think I catch your doughs and your whiz in my crib

Jeporadize a lively hood on me and my kids

And which one of those seeds belong to you

God would've been better of makin a cat or a baboon instead of you

Nigga I mean you ain't worth shit

A man that don't take care of his kids ain't worth lint

Now here I am I'm in love wit yo friend

And the only thing standin in the way is you bitch!

I cursed the day I ever even accepted your dick

Your daughters father don't know you

Tell her yo father is yo friend, bitch

[Chorus: x3]

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