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Исполнитель: Queensryche
Название песни: When The Rain Comes
Текст песни добавил: Dashik_yes
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Queensryche - When The Rain Comes текст песни, lyrics

You've come to me again my friend. I've been waiting so 


Life seems strange and hard sometimes, maybe I won't make 

it this time.

Oh They've taken all I have, but I just need what's left of 

today, and you can wash it all away.

When it all comes down and I'm feeling tired and afraid, 

you're always there, and seem come when 

I've nothing left to give away.

Now I wait for your winds to come and give me breath for 

another day, and your rain to wash me.

I feel the rain coming. I feel it in my heart, take away 

my pain.

I feel the rain coming. Wash me down, wash me down.

Here comes the rain. Hold me now, just for awhile.

I feel like a candle flame in the wind. The dust of my 

deeds past, covers me, like a fading lie.

I feel the rain coming. I feel it in my heart, wash away 

my pain.

Wash me down, wash me down. I feel the rain coming.

Here comes the rain.

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