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Исполнитель: Queensryche
Название песни: Wot Kind a Man
Текст песни добавил: Dashik_yes
1244 просмотров с 2009-09-09 16:09:46
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Queensryche - Wot Kind a Man текст песни, lyrics

Don't know you man or where you're from. Some say a crazy 

man, came undone.

Please man, make it all make sense.

Gotta be some man to keep a promise, you can count on this.

Wot kind of man are you?

Tell me, tell me what do I do?

When you left you took part of me, all the things I'll 

never see.

I fake it, break it, whatever makes it right, can't see 

the truth through the web of all your lies.

Wot kind of man are you?

Sometimes life's not too clear for me, apologizes never 

come easily.

I suck up, and buck up and fuck up...

I've spent all my life wondering, what did I to you, what 

was I supposed to think?

Hate man, why didn't you tell me? Now I'm the man, at the 

end of your family tree.

Wot kind of man are you? Tell me, tell me what do I do?

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