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Исполнитель: Graham Gouldman
Название песни: Underwater Fantasy
Альбом: Animalympics
Текст песни добавил: Strider
1146 просмотров с 2009-09-17 13:11:54
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Graham Gouldman - Underwater Fantasy текст песни, lyrics

Under the water where the seaweed grows
There is a world of fascination
Beneath the waves is where the coral glows
There is a world of jubilation

Below the surface in another world
The fishes tell another story
The wind don't whistle and the rain don't fall
The place is full of morning glory

Ooh gotta be there ooh 'cause it's me there
Ooh gotta be there ooh and I'm free there
Won't you join me under the water

You get a feelin' like you're upside down
It's like you're livin' in a mirror
And so like Alice in the looking glass
What is small and what is bigger

We're goin' down
Down down
Down in the water
Goin' down
Down down
Doin' what an otter oughta'
Goin' down
Down down
Down in the water
Goin' down down down down down

Goin' down etc.

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