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Исполнитель: In Flames
Название песни: LIKE YOU BETTER DEAD
Альбом: Soundtrack To Your Escape
Текст песни добавил: DrumBit
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In Flames - LIKE YOU BETTER DEAD текст песни, lyrics

I can be as angry as I want to be
just watch me burn (need to be motivated)
I think you're way too cold
just watch and learn

I'll never sleep here anymore
my house is not my home
I like you better dead
I'm better off alone

destiny, will you cure me?
trust, will you age with me?
hear me scream as I face tomorrow

your vision may be in colour, but you look all pale
in these times we should be learning but with you I'll always fail

I need to save myself before I drown
it took so long to see
the world your mind creates
it pushes me under

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