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Исполнитель: A.F.I.
Название песни: We've Got The Knife
Альбом: Crash Love (2009)
Текст песни добавил: IYO-Yo
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A.F.I. - We've Got The Knife текст песни, lyrics

You've got your pretty face.
You've got disarming eyes.
You've got such social grace.
I've got my pretty spies.
I found you lost, misplaced.
I loved that lovely guise.
I said Id try my luck and you said, well you dont you dont have to try.
I forgot that night, what you said that night: I had the most exquisite time.
Well you got that right, but its not the whole story.
I want it all. I court the loveliest of crimes. 

Say it, as if it were true.
We've got the knife you left behind.
Play it just like you do.
I wanna hear you mean it, when you say Im not next in line.
I court the loveliest of crimes.
Save it cuz weve got the knife.
You've got your pretty face.
You've got your stunning glow.
You've got exquisite taste.
I've got the marks to show.
You said youd shoot the stars but bullets make you blush.
Turns out, you liked to play.
Play with knives and I hear that it gives you a rush. 

Well weve got the knife, yeah weve got the knife.
I've got the knife you left behind. Well weve got the knife.
Now I want the whole story. I thought you looked familiar.
I'd seen your face long before that night.
Now I wait, for you were no stranger.
No stranger to taking a life.

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