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Исполнитель: No Bans
Название песни: In the club
Текст песни добавил: Veronika94
1025 просмотров с 2009-10-31 13:46:22
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No Bans - In the club текст песни, lyrics

(Куплет 1) ( мужской) - ЛЁНЯ
I`ve been driving around 
Come back to the ground 
Don`t spend time in the pub 
U let`s go the club
You look really good 
A perfect girl from our hood 
I`m gonna take you home
I won`t leave you alone 
What do U think about 
Let`s check it out

М - Do you whatever U wonna do - ПРИПЕВ
Ж - Go wherever U wonna go - 
М - Let`s have some fun tonight - 
Ж - That`s right! - 
М - From the bottom to the top - 
Ж - We ain`t gonna stop! - 
М - I`ll be yours forever you know how - 
Ж - Put this beat down! 

( Куплет 2) ( мужской) СКУРТОВ

I love the way you dance 
I`m gonna take my chance 
Let`s have a drink 
Your wonderful life 
will be colored in pink 
I`ll come to you and ask : « Who do you search?» 
And you will answer: « Я твоя на эту ночь » 
I`ll ask you to stay forever 
I will be with you whenever 
What do U think about it
Let`s check it out 

(Куплет 3) ( женский ) ДАША
I don`t know if you like me or not
But my boyfriend thinks that I`m hot
You send my heart into temptation
And I can`t get out of such situatio
I like you very much, I dream about touch.
Go ahead and do what you like to do 
Because I just can`t stop thinking about you 
What do U think about it
Let`s check it out

(Verse 4) ( мужской) ДИМА ПРИПЕВ
Baby look at my ride 
Just get in and have a try 
Have a glass of champain 
It ain`t gonna cause no pain 
We will go together though the pouring rain 
Everything will change and we`ll remain 
Come to the stage 
Show the audience your rage
What do U think about it 
Let`s check it out

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