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Исполнитель: Tommy Lee
Название песни: Trying to Be Me
Альбом: Tommyland: The Ride
Текст песни добавил: MaxTyT
1333 просмотров с 2008-06-04 18:16:14
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Tommy Lee - Trying to Be Me текст песни, lyrics

I pull out of the driveway
and head out on the highway
and I can see them in my rearview mirror
hanging out the window
snappin a shot of me
so I pull into the fast lane
nobody's gettin past me
and I can hear the helicopters coming
drivin down the street is such a pain in
the ass for me


And God I wanna know why
whoever said it was painless
should try and be famous
you know Im just livin life
but nothings for free
lets see what they say first
front page of the papers
some days I find that even I
dont wanna be me
Just tryin to be me
why dont they leave me the hell alone

So Im hanging out on Melrose
watchin all the girls go by
then a hottie spots me
sippin on tequilla
so happy to be alone
no need to call the paparatzi
cause tehy already got me
everybody's got a cell phone camera
walking down the street is such a
pain in the ass for me


and Im just tryin to be me
and Im just tryin to be me


Repeat chorus to end of song

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