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Исполнитель: Tommy Lee
Название песни: Say goodbye feat. Nick Carter
Альбом: Tommyland: The Ride
Текст песни добавил: MaxTyT
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Tommy Lee - Say goodbye feat. Nick Carter текст песни, lyrics

I'm staring down this empty street
And it's cold but I am walking
To the place where all roads meet
And it's just the past and me
A tattoo and a scar
And the man in the sheets

Every time I walk away
I see a picture of a face
It's a photograph that makes me wonder why
And now I stand here on my own
And I'm finally letting go
It's time to say goodbye

So down this road I travel now
As broken buildings wear
I look for truth
Were they true to me? No
Every step is met with doubt
But still I walk here trying to find some peace
Will I find peace?


Nothing's gonna stand in my way, no
Nothing, no, nothing will stand in my way
Nothing's gonna stand in my way


It's time to say goodbye

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