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Исполнитель: Sting
Название песни: Heavy Cloud No Rain
Альбом: Ten Summoner's Tales
Текст песни добавил: AnGeL_VapLaty
1291 просмотров с 2009-11-05 23:40:44
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Sting - Heavy Cloud No Rain текст песни, lyrics

Turned on the weather man just after the news 
I needed sweet rain to wash away my blues 
He looked at the chart but he looked in vain 
Heavy cloud but no rain 

Back in the time with Louis XVI 
At the court of the people he was number one 
He'd be the bluest blood they'd ever seen 
When the king said hi to the guillotine 
The royal astrologer was run out of breath 
He thought that maybe the rain would postpone his death 
He look in the sky but he look in vain 
Heavy cloud but no rain 

Well the land was cracking and the river was dry 
All the crops were dying when they ought to be high 
So to save his farm from the banker's draft 
The farmer took out a book on some old witchcraft 
He made a spell and a potion on a midsummer's night 
He killed a brindled calf in the pale moonlight 
He prayed to the sky but he prayed in vain 
Heavy cloud but no rain 
Heavy cloud but no rain 

The sun won't shine till the clouds are gone 
The clouds won't go till their work is done 
And every morning you'll hear me pray 
If only it would rain today 

I asked my baby if there'd be some way 
She said she'd save her love for a rainy day 
I look in the sky but I look in vain 
Heavy cloud but no rain

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