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Исполнитель: Baby Bash
Название песни: Obsesion
Текст песни добавил: Dashik_yes
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Baby Bash - Obsesion текст песни, lyrics

feat. 3rd Wish (or vice versa)
[Baby Bash]
3rd Wish
Baby Bash
Te quiero mucho
Ha ha

[3rd Wish]
(Verse 1)
Son las cinco en la manana
Y no dormido nada
Just thinkin' 'bout your beauty
Got me crazy in the head
El insomnio es mi castigo
Tu amor sera mi alivio
Until you're in my arms, girl
I can have no peace in bed

Hook: 3rd Wish
Well it's five o'clock in the morning
I can't get no sleep
When I think about your beauty, it makes me weak
I lay restless at home
Without you there
Until you are mine, I find no relief

Chorus: 3rd Wish
Si es amor
Your love's got me feelin'
Obsessed in my soul
Si es amor
And not an illusion
That makes me do things
That my heart can't control

(Verse 2)
I know you're not my lady
But I'm full of hopes and maybe's
Til until your love can save me
Solo puedo hablar de ti
Saw you with your amigo
Girl he don't look so rico
No sabe complacerte
Como lo haria yo

Repeat Hook

Repeat Chorus

[Rap Verse: Baby Bash (3rd Wish in background)]
Well, it fits so right, and I don't care what people say
After I grab the lotion, grab the blanket, take a trip to Monteray
We can
Do it on the beach, cause you know
How we gon' do
We gon'
Act a fool, even when we rendez-vous
Put on
Your favorite dress, let's impress the town a lotta 
Grab the Gucci bag
Oops, my mistake, you stunt that Prada, yada 
Yadada I'm saying 
Yadada I mean, yadada I holla 
And I'm so proud to say, "One day I'll be your baby's father" (You fine) 

Hook: 3rd Wish
Es amor
Es amor
Es una obsesion (Es una obsesion)
Es amor
Es amor
Es una obsesion

Repeat Chorus Twice

[Baby Bash] Mi amor
[3rd Wish] Amor

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