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Исполнитель: Baby Cham
Название песни: Rudeboy Pledge
Текст песни добавил: Darya
1212 просмотров с 2009-11-06 13:51:52
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Baby Cham - Rudeboy Pledge текст песни, lyrics

The road to success is not straight 
Theres a curve called failure 
A loop called confusion 
Speed bumps called friends 
And red lights called enemies 
Caution signs called family 
And flat tires called jobs 
But if you have a spare called determination 
And a engine called perseverance 
With insurance called faith 
And the drive to make it 
Youll reach a place called success (can u hear me?) 
This one is for the ghetto youths dem 
Man a ghetto youth for life (yo!) 

I can, not forget where I come from 
No mount a money cyaa change man 
Still blaze the skunk 
But some leave the ghetto get rich & turn punk 
But I won't forget my roots cause I don't 
Worship money that's not what counts 
Kill or be killed 
Somehow I have to buy mama house pon di hill (because) 

I've been through struggles & wars 
I man survive it with just a few scars 
Nuff man dead some gone behind bars 
Suh right now real ghetto youths dont fear police cars 
Experience teaches knowledge 
I graduate from the the street side collage 
Back when the whole a wi a share one sausage 
Suh every now & then mi send back a package (weh Cham seh) 
Some man mek it an a live a better life 
An don't recall the days when we a walk wid knife 
A simple argument bring strife, 
Some man a diss dem babymada fi dem uptown wife 
Dem a front but I have my doubt 
Si dem in the club a flash cash all about 
A pose like thug when in fact dem a scout 
Cause dem never look back dem rich & sellout 


When I was small & growing up 
If we cooked then Paul is showing up 
Paul left town since then he's blowing up 
Now him buy Benz him nuh remember him frenz (but) 
The other day him get rob pon di block 
Broad daylight like round 12 o'clock 
Him come pon di corner wid him little fake act 
And from him turn millionaire him neva give nutt'n back 


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