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Исполнитель: In Flames
Название песни: Coerced Coexistence
Альбом: Colony
Текст песни добавил: DrumBit
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In Flames - Coerced Coexistence текст песни, lyrics

I?ll take you on a ride
as a part-owner to my pain
our ideals they collide
coerced coexistence

I faught the world today - postpone my birth again
we stumble on and one - but bound to die alone

pine- I?m selling my soul today
pine- I need some sympathy

this infiltrates my brain
"in the sunshine the sun is mine"
pitiless wanderer
close your eyes and bow your head
grotesque thoughts in a line
threw my wings into the lazing sun
smile stretced on old trees
eternal grining jester masque

don?t hurt a fly they all sing
we?re just ants in a great big play

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