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Исполнитель: Mika
Название песни: Toy Boy
Альбом: The Boy Who Knew Too Much (2009)
Текст песни добавил: IYO-Yo
1484 просмотров с 2009-11-28 09:28:54
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Mika - Toy Boy текст песни, lyrics

[VERSE 1:]
I'm a wind up toy 
In an up-down world 
If you leave me all alone 
I'll make a mess for sure 

I've a heart of gold 
In the smallest size 
Leave me in the dark 
You never hear me cry 

More than an illustration 
Points of articulation 
Come to life on a brass spring 
Such a wonderful plaything 

[VERSE 2:]
Its a cruel cross 
That I have to bear 
If you come a little close 
I'm going to pull your hair 

More than just a toy 
In a patched blue suit 
When you hold me in your arms 
I'm just a boy like you 

But your momma thought 
There was something wrong 
Didn't want you sleeping 
With a boy too long 

It's a serious thing 
In a grown-up world 
Maybe you'd be better 
With a Barbie girl 

You knew that 
I adored ya 
But you left me in Georgia 
Toys are not sentimental; 
How could i be for rental? 

[VERSE 3:]
She's the meanest hag 
That has ever been 
Pulled out my insides 
With an old safety pin 

I'm the sorest sight 
Now I feel like trash 
Clothes are made of rags 
And they don't even match 

So she dressed me up 
As the man she loved 
And threw me in a box 
When she had had enough 

Now the light of day 
I no longer see 
She stuck her voodoo pins 
Where my eyes used to be 

Accidentally tragic 
Victim of her black magic 
Had a boy once who loved me 
Now he's so afraid of me 

[VERSE 4:]
On a long lost day 
When you're grey and old 
You'll be there remembering 
Your old toy boy 

When your only son's 
Wondering what to be 
Tell him the story of 
A boy like me 

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