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Исполнитель: Susan Boyle
Название песни: Who I Was Born To Be
Альбом: I Dreamed A Dream (2009)
Текст песни добавил: IYO-Yo
1311 просмотров с 2009-11-28 10:04:21
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Susan Boyle - Who I Was Born To Be текст песни, lyrics

When I was a child 
I could see the wind in the trees 
and I heard a song in the breeze 
it was there, singing out my name 

But I am not a girl 
I have known the taste of defeat 
and I have finally grown to believe 
it will all came around again 

And though I may not 
know the answers 
I can finally say I am free 
And if the questions 
led me here,then 
I am who I was born to be 

And so here am I 
Open arms and ready to stand 
I've got the world in my hands 
And it feels like my turn to fly 


When I was a child 
there were flowers that bloomed in the night 
Unafraid to take in the light 
Unashamed to have braved the dark 


I am who I was born to be 
I am who I was born to be.

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