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Исполнитель: Elzevir
Название песни: FireBirth
Альбом: Rise from knees
Текст песни добавил: Lodbrok
1150 просмотров с 2009-12-05 19:47:00
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Elzevir - FireBirth текст песни, lyrics

Day by day
Nature dies
Golden tears of autmn
Falling down like dying butterflies
Hear this howl
From the darkness
Disturbing fear conquest
Of the planet have a great success

Why do you live
So quietly
In this world of endless night?
Firebirth will be the sign
To rise from your nknees
To smother all desease
Be strong against her lies
Her feelings almoust died

Day by day
Nature dies
Every creature thoughts
About journey to the Paradise
Poison war
Murder snow
Hands of dying trees are asking
Pardon to this winterfall

No! You lost the game
Your heart are broken but
You are not dead

She will do the same
To all of her victims
Day by day

Yeah! This winter comes
This winter kills
Ones with weakest hearts

Oh! Just give a birth
To the heartfire
Child of the North!

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