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Исполнитель: The Knife
Название песни: One Hit
Текст песни добавил: Ledy
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The Knife - One Hit текст песни, lyrics

I've got a new story now and it goes like this
I took my hand out of my pocket up came a fist
It was headline news
One more abuse
I've got to tell it with a fist
And it goes like this

Ho ho ho ho
Huh huh huh huh

So where's the femininity
The one with skirts and high heels
A shiny sink and home made meals
The one and only way
If you enter you'll stay
Sons and daughters you will breed
As long as you breastfeed
Yeah being a man is a bliss
One Hit one Kiss

Ho ho ho ho
LyricsHuh huh huh huh

Then the lights came on, it was all a scene
Bend back, give head it's not pornography
If you do it with lights then it's art you see
If you do it with a twist
Yes, artistically

Ho ho ho ho
Huh huh huh huh

I could do the laundry
The women's work
For a reasonable salary I would wash the world
It wouldn't affect my libido or my self esteem
Don't need to mark my territory
It's all obvious to me
It's manhood's bliss
One Hit one Kiss
Spending time with my family
Like the Corleones

Ho ho ho ho
Huh huh huh huh

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