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Исполнитель: Jay-Z
Название песни: 99 problems
Текст песни добавил: Sugarson
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Jay-Z - 99 problems текст песни, lyrics

If you havin girl problems i feel bad for son i got 99 problems and a b***h aint one.

I got the rap contral on gat patrol for folks that want to make sure my caskets closed. rap critics say these money cash h**s are from the hood stupid what type of facts are those if you grew up with h**s with f**k up toes yuo would celebrate the moment you was havin dough im like f**k critics you can kiss my hole a**h**e if you dont like my lyrics you can press fast foward i beef with the radio but i dont play show and they dont play my hits well i dont give a s**t so raps ads try to use my black a** so adevertisments can get more cash for ads fu***s i dont know what you take me as or understanding the intelligence that Jay-Z has i came from rags to riches n****s i aint dumd and i got 99 proglems and a b***h aint one

99 problems but a b***h aint one so if you havin girl problems i feel bad for you son i got 99 problems and a b****h aint one

the year is 94 and my trunk is broad and my rear view mirror is to mother f****n large i got two choises pull over the car or bounce on the devil and put the floor [revvv] and i anint tryin to see no hollywood police chase plus i got a few dollors and i can fight the case so i pull over to the side of the road i heard [police] son do you know what im stopping you for.[Jay-Z]cause im young and im black and my hats real low do i look like a mind reader sir i dont know.
am i under arrest or should i guessome more [police] well you were doing 55 in the 54 [Jay-Z] uh-huh [police] do you have a drivers licence and reglistalion and step out of the car are you carring a weapon i know alot of you are i anit stepping out of s**t all of my papers a legite.[police]well do you mind if i look around your car a litle bit[Jay-Z]well my glove departments locked so is my trunk in the back and i know my rights and your going to need a warrant for that[police] well arent you sharp as a tack but we will see how sharp you are when the k-9s arrive.[Jay-Z] i got 99 poroblems and a b***h aint one.

now once upon a time

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