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Исполнитель: Elvis Presley
Название песни: Britches
Текст песни добавил: -okc-ana-
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Elvis Presley - Britches текст песни, lyrics

Beware of a gal in britches 
Never trust no gal in britches 
If you had a sense of this here horse 
You would have knowed by now of course 
Who wears the britches is the boss 
That's a gal, that's a gal in britches 

Don't mess with a gal in britches 
No feminine gal wears britches 
She'll beg you to come to the country dance 
You ride twenty miles for the big romance 
She shows up in her brother's pants 
What'd you expect from a girl in britches 

Yo-di-o-di-o-i-ay, It's none of my misfortune 
Yo-di-o-di-o-di-ay, Just thought you'd like to know 
Don't marry no gal in britches 
You'll never know which is which's 
She'll put a halter through your nose 
Have you cooking and washing clothes 
While she goes chasing them buffaloes 
Bet your boots, that's a gal in britches.

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