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Исполнитель: No Mercy
Название песни: Where Do You Go
Текст песни добавил: KARPezz
1810 просмотров с 2010-02-02 00:07:11
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No Mercy - Where Do You Go текст песни, lyrics

Where do you go, my lovely
Where do you go
I wanna know, my lovely, I wanna know 

Where do you go, oh oh eh oh 
I wanna know, oh oh eh oh 
Where do you go, oh oh eh oh... 
I wanna know 

You leave without a word, no message, no number 
And now my head is pounding like rolling thunder 
You left me with a heartache deep inside 
Girl you should see me cry all night, and I wonder 

Everybody says, what a shame, what is wrong 
They don't like the game we play 
Heard you're hanging round every night until dawn 
I'm waiting for you night and day 
[repeat 1]

You gotta break the silence, don't keep me waiting 
Just like a river flowing to the sea 
You're running back to me 
Come hear what I'm saying 

Where do you go, My Lovely 
I wanna know 

Where do you go, oh oh oh... 
Where do you go, oh oh oh... 
I wanna know 
Where do you, where do you go?... 

Save me... 

Come back and dry the tears, I cried for you baby 
You've gotta stop this heartache deep inside 
You've gotta help me make it through the night safely 
Come back and save me

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